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NEW YEARS EVE 2010 AT MOUNT VERNON COUNTRY CLUB Dancing 16We cannot thank you enough for the absolutely AMAZING performance you put on last week at our wedding! We have been constantly getting rave reviews on your performance from every single one of our guests.

I don’t think I have ever been to a wedding where I would say nearly all 200 people were dancing.

You guys nailed each song we asked you to learn, brought a ton of energy, everything from the singing to the horns were on point and you all just hit it out of the park! Your band’s performance is what truly helped to make our wedding day the best day and party of our lives.

Nick and Ren

Birthday Party in Alexandria, VA

You guys are A-#1 awesome. Thank you SO MUCH for everything. Jamie is reliving every moment. He had a blast! All in all I couldn’t ask for a better night – from the first song to the encore – every moment was memorable. You guys were worth every penny and more!

Thanks for walking me through my first big event – and for your immense patience with me. You had us dancing from the first song right on through the encore. Everybody loved you! I’ll send pictures as I get them.

Please thank the band for their supercharged performance!


Wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner, VA

It was FANTASTIC!!! I will be sure to get you a full glowing review as soon as we can as we are getting ready to head out on the honeymoon. Everyone has been telling us how awesome you all were and the fact you let 2 of my friends get up there with you only added to a great night.

Seriously – you brought the house down and knocked the socks off everyone. It was awesome. We really don’t remember a wedding where people were on the dance floor for EVERY SINGLE SONG. You all ROCK. I am so thankful you were a part of our day.:)

Sarah F.